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Buchneuerscheinung “Corporate Semantic Web. Wie semantische Anwendungen in Unternehmen Nutzen stiften” bei Springer-Verlag.

Das bei Springer Verlag erschienene Buch “Corporate Semantic Web. Wie semantische Anwendungen in Unternehmen Nutzen stiften”  ist das erste deutsche Enterprise Semantic Web Buch. Die Autoren, namhafte Experten aus Industrie und Wissenschaft, teilen mit dem Leser ihre Erfahrungen bei der Entwicklung solcher Anwendungen. Sie gehen auf Software-Architektur, Methodik, Linked Open Data Sets, Lizenzfragen und Technologieauswahl ein und stellen auch eine Marktstudie vor. Dem Leser  werden Anwendungen für die Branchen Telekommunikation, Logistik, verarbeitende Industrie, Energie, Medizin, Tourismus, Bibliotheks- und Verlagswesen sowie Kultur präsentiert. Auf dieser Weise gibt das Buch einen umfassenden Überblick über die Einsatzbereiche des Semantic Web sowie konkrete Umsetzungshinweise für eigene Vorhaben, es enthält Tipps für die Anwendungsentwicklung und erläutert dabei die Branchenunterschiede.

Die Buchautoren stellen das Research- und Analyse-System für die Marktforschung vor: „Online-Erhebungen, Fragebogen-Aktionen, Telefon-Interviews – Marktforschungsunternehmen verfügen über einen immensen Bestand an Daten zur Zufriedenheit von Kunden mit Produkten und Services. Deren Auswertung ist jedoch zeit- und kostenintensiv, vor allem dann, wenn die Befragten die Möglichkeit haben, einzelne Punkte frei zu kommentieren. Hier können zur Analyse Text-Mining-Verfahren eingesetzt werden, mit dem Ziel, die in diesen Kommentaren angesprochenen Themen und Problematiken zu explorieren. Weitere Erkenntnisgewinne lassen sich erzielen, indem die internen Daten mit Web-Daten ergänzt werden, so dass sich deren Analysen wechselseitig spiegeln.“

Wenn Sie mehr dazu lesen möchten, können Sie das Buch hier bestellen:

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The similarity of information

In this article, Marta shares her thoughts about an insight she gained during her media monitoring assessment: The similarity of information provided by certain types of media and the impact of non-diverging information on our perception of the world.

Further thoughts on this notion can be found in this interview with Cass Sunstein.

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Twitter hat einen (neuen) Vogel

Twitter, das zweitgrösste soziale Netzwerk nach Facebook, hat ein neues Logo. Wie das Unternehmen gestern in seinem Blog bekanntgab, verzichtet das neue Logo komplett auf den Schriftzug oder das bekannte “t”. Stattdessen steht das Tier allein im Vordergrund, das seit sechs Jahren die Marke Twitter symbolisiert: der Twitter-Vogel:

Das neue Twitter-Logo

Das neue Symbol kommt deutlich vereinfacht daher – es besteht lediglich aus drei sich überlappenden Kreisen. Laut Twitter hat das auch eine Bedeutung: es nimmt Bezug darauf, “wie Dein Netzwerk, Deine Interessen und Deine Ideen sich mit Kontakten und Freunden verbinden und überschneiden”. Wie genau das im Logo umgesetzt ist, zeigt dieses kurze Video:


Twitter und alle anderen relevanten sozialen Netzwerke werden von MeMo News in Echtzeit überwacht und analysiert. Informieren Sie sich hier über unser Angebot, oder kontaktieren Sie uns für einen unverbindlichen Test.

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MeMo News and Big Data – first Swiss Hadoop user group founded

Update 15.05.2013: YMC has acquired the startup Sentric, which is also based in Kreuzlingen. Sentric has been the first Swiss provider of services in the field of Big Data. The team has already accomplished numerous successful projects for customers, including applications for the analysis of log files and user behavior, as well as recommendation systems. The employees of Sentric are frequently requested as speakers on conferences, they are also internationally known as the developers of Hannibal, an open source solution for monitoring HBase.

Among Sentric’s personnel are Christian Gügi and Jean-Pierre König, the founders of the Swiss Big Data User Group.

Update July 2012: Starting from the second meetup on July 16 the Swiss Hadoop User Group was renamed “Swiss Big Data User Group” and is run by Sentric, a technology spin-off from MeMo News AG. More info can be found at the group’s homepage:

“Big Data”, the processing of large amounts of data, is one of the top 10 IT trends for 2012 (Gartner market research). For the technical development department of MeMo News, this is part of everyday life, where several million new articles are read and processed every day. A key component here is Hadoop, a software framework that can distribute computationally intensive processes across server clusters. Hadoop is based on developments at Internet companies such as Google and Yahoo!, who themselves are confronted with the task of processing large amounts of data.

To promote knowledge exchange amongst developers, many “Hadoop User Groups” have been founded around the world. In German-speaking countries there are currently only two of these groups, located in Berlin and Munich, and until now nothing in Switzerland. This gap will now be filled. MeMo News, with the support of the ETH Zurich spin-off Teralytics, has officially launched the first “Swiss Hadoop User Group“.

The first meeting will be held on the 14th May 2012 at 6PM in the ETH Zurich. Registration is now available on the project website. Four short presentations are planned: Nils Küebler from MeMo News will show how Hadoop has been used to power their own social media monitoring solution. Also from MeMo News, Jean-Pierre Köenig will give an insight into the tools implemented. Kurt Stockinger from Credit Suisse will present “Large-Scale Log Analysis in Financial Services using Hadoop”, and Jérémie Miserez from ETH Zürich will talk about “Price Prediction from Historical Pricing Data using Hadoop”. At the end of these presentations, there will be the opportunity for free discussion and networking.

Related Links:
Project home page with registration details
Press release for download
List of all Hadoop user groups worldwide

About MeMo News
MeMo News AG, based in Kreuzlingen, is the leading Swiss provider of social media monitoring and analytics. Through self-developed, high-performance technology based on Hadoop, MeMo News offers comprehensive monitoring of online news and social networks.

Contact MeMo News AG
Christian Gügi
Tel.: +41 (0) 71 508 24 86

About Teralytics
Teralytics AG, based in Zürich, is a spin-off of the Systems Group of ETH Zurich. Having pioneered technology on large scale data management and analytics, Teralytics is building on their experience in this field to help customers gaining new insights into their increasing amounts of data.

Contact Teralytics AG
Georg Polzer
Tel.: +41 79 308 97 23

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012 to all of our clients, partners, friends and colleagues!


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MeMo News at Hadoop World, New York City

Christian Guegi and Jiayong Ou from our developer team will attend Hadoop World Conference in New York City next week. The Hadoop World Conference is the largest conference for developers of Hadoop based systems, the open source software for storing an processing extremely large amounts of data. MeMo News is in good company along side Yahoo, eBay and Facebook as users of the cutting edge Hadoop system for running data-intensive distributed applications.

In addition to attending new feature sessions and best practice seminars, we would like to gain insights into the organisation of such a conference, with the intention of starting a “big data” community in our very own Lake Constance region, to share our experiences with Hadoop.

The conference takes place in New York’s Sheraton Hotel from November 8th to 9th. Speakers from a number of companies like Doug Cutting from Cloudera, Hugh Williams from eBay and Jonathan Gray from Facebook will share their experiences. Beyond that, there will be a lot of creative networking opportunities to share insights with others at the leading edge of the rapidly growing Hadoop community. You can follow the conference live of Twitter via the hashtag #HW2011. See you there!

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MeMo News integrates Google+

We gave some hints, now it is official: MeMo News is one of the first providers of online and social media monitoring to fully integrate the new social network Google+. Customers using the MeMo News monitoring service can benefit from this integration with immediate effect. Google+ has attracted over 40 million users since its launch in July 2011 and is currently regarded as the fastest growing social network.

Are you already using MeMo News? Then please contact your personal media consultant to find out more about Google+ and how to integrate it into your monitoring solution. Not a customer yet? Our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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MeMo News at SuisseEMEX’11 – a review

From August 23rd to 25th Zurich hosted the SuisseEMEX ’11, the largest Swiss trade fair for marketing, communications, events and promotion. More than 100 exhibitors were presenting their products and services, MeMo News being one of them. Numerous visitors informed themselves on our stand about the potential of professional online and social media monitoring, or made a quick check-up of their own presence in online media. Also, contact to several social media experts was made, like Marie-Christine Schindler, Karsten Füllhaas, Nils Seiter or Johannes A Skrivanek.

We thank all visitors for their interest and are looking forward to future encounters!


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MeMo News at SuisseEMEX’11

The SuisseEMEX ’11 is the largest Swiss trade fair for marketing, communications, events and promotion. On August 23 to 25 MeMo News will be showing its online and social media monitoring solutions in hall 4. If you like to visit us there, please make an appointment with us. You then get a voucher which allows you to enter the fair free of charge.

SuisseEMEX itself benefits from the powerful solutions by MeMo News. Therefore, MeMo News is Media Partner of SuisseEMEX’11 in the area of Social Media Monitoring.

Your way to our stand:

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